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It’s the Manager: Moving From Boss to Coach – Book Excerpts

While the world’s workplace has been going through extraordinary historical change, the practice of management has been stuck in time for more than 30 years.

The new workforce – especially younger generations – wants their work to have deep mission and purpose, and they don’t want old-style command-and-control bosses. They want coaches who inspire them, communicate with them frequently, and develop their strengths.


First, Break All the Rules – Book Excerpts

This book is a result of an exhaustive study undertaken by the Gallup organization involving 80,000 managers across a large number of industries exploring the concepts of employee satisfaction, selecting and maintaining good employees, and means of measuring employee satisfaction. The approach was revolutionary when published (1999) and has become a business classic because it challenged the status quo.


Micromessaging: Why Great Leadership is Beyond Words

We’ve all had a conversation with someone who, though they didn’t move an eyelash or a single facial muscle, somehow clearly communicated the message: “The sooner I get away from you, the happier I will be.” On the other hand, a wide smile, direct gaze, and hearty handshake don’t always convey admiration.


The 5 Levels of Leadership – Book Excerpts

Being a leader is more than just having a title.

You can become a leader by progressing through five levels of influence.

The first level is when people follow you because of your title. The last level is when people follow you because of your record of developing new leaders and great organizations.

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