Short Sweet Reply

short-sweet-reply-shortstoriescoin-imageAkbar used to ask many odd questions from his courtiers and amused himself. One day he entered the Royal Court, settled in his Royal chair, and asked his courtiers: “What punishment should be given to a person who pulls my mustache?”

One said, “He should be beheaded.”

Another said, “He should be flogged.”

Yet another said, “He should be hanged.”

“What do you think, Birbal?” the Emperor asked Birbal. Birbal kept quiet for a moment, then said, “Jahaanpanaah, he should be given sweets.” “What, Birbal? Have you gone crazy? Do you know what are you saying?” Birbal replied politely, “I am not crazy, Jahaanpanaah. And I know what I am saying.” “Then how can you talk like this?” the King asked in anger. Birbal again replied politely, “Because, Jahaanpanaah, the only person can dare to do this is your grandson.”

So pleased was the King with this answer, that he gave his ring to Birbal as a reward.


Short Sweet Reply – Akbar Birbal Stories



  1. I was needed a short story to narrate in school and I have searched every website but did’t got a small story that I could learn.

    Regards, Aishna Singh


  2. Actually I want some short stories for homework and I found everywhere but I didn’t get any short stories but when I opened then I got many short stories which I wanted
    so thanks very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Thanks shalini.

      You will find our Kids, Moral and Philosophical sections interesting. You can also refer your friends to this site.

      We will be happy if our work will be useful to you and your friends.


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