Laura E. Richards – Laura Elizabeth Howe Richards (February 27, 1850 – January 14, 1943) was an American writer. She born in Boston, Massachusetts, to a high-profile family. During her life, she wrote over 90 books, including children’s, biographies, poetry, and others.

The Green Satin Gown

Who ever wore such a queer-looking thing? I wore it myself, dear, once upon a time; yes, I did! Perhaps you would like to hear about it, while you mend that tear in your muslin.

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Blue Egyptians

"I wouldn't, Lena!" "Well, I guess I shall!" "Don't, Lena! please don't! you will be sorry, I am sure, if you do it. It cannot bring good, I know it cannot!"

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The Shed Chamber

Well, I once answered an advertisement in the Farmer's Friend, girls, and I have always been glad I did. It was that summer when father broke his arm and the potato crop failed,

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Don Alonzo

"Don Alonzo! Don Alonzo Pitkin! Where be you?" There was no answer. "Don Alonzo! Deacon Bassett's here, and wishful to see you. Don Alonzo Pit-kin!"

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Little Benjamin

"Then is little Benjamin their ruler." "I think the kitty wants to come in," said Mother Golden. "I hear him crying somewhere. Won't you go and let him in, Adam?"

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