American novalist Harriet Ada Marr Adams (1845–1885) also known as Mrs J. S. Adams, after her husband, John Samuel Adams. Born in Maine, USA on 24 Jan 1845 to William March Marr and Ruth May. Harriet Ada married John Adams and had a child named John Chester Adam. Her famous creation named “Allegories of Life” includes 23 short stories. She also wrote very famous novel “Dawn”.

Strangers by J S Adams

In a large and elegant mansion dwelt a wealthy man who had three lovely daughters. The house was built on an eminence upon the banks of a river which wound like a thread of silver through the valleys for many miles.

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The Sacrifice

A large party of travelers on their way to a distant country were obliged to pass through a dense forest to reach it. Their leader went forward, and, seeing the darkness of the dense woods, was convinced of the impossibility ...

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Only Gold by J S Adams

A parent sent his children forth one day into a fertile land to gather fruits, flowers, and whatever was beautiful to adorn their homes. They wandered till nightfall, gathering their treasures, ...

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The Seeds by J S Adams

They lay side by side one morning, while the gardener was preparing the ground in which to plant them and many other varieties. "Just think," said the more talkative one of the two, "how sad it is that we are going to be put in that dismal ground!

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The Lesson of the Stone

It was with feelings of satisfaction and pride that a builder looked upon a large and costly edifice which, after much exertion, was just completed. Long had the workmen toiled to place one stone upon another.

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The Feast by J S Adams

There was once a husbandman who had laborers in a valley, clearing it of stones and brush, that it might become fit for culture. He resided near, on a fine hill, where he raised rare fruits and flowers of every variety.

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Going Forth

A wise parent sent his children to a distant country to learn the lessons of life which experience alone can teach. Before their departure he called them to him, and, after providing them liberally with means,

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