Guy de Maupassant

Henri René Albert Guy de Maupassant, 5 August 1850 – 6 July 1893, was a popular French writer, considered one of the fathers of the modern short story and one of the form’s finest exponents.

That Pig of a Morin

"Here, my friend," I said to Labarbe, "you have just repeated those five words, that pig of a Morin. Why on earth do I never hear Morin's name mentioned without his being called a pig?"

That Costly Ride

The household lived frugally on the meager income derived from the husband's insignificant appointments. Two children had been born of the marriage,

Sundays of a Bourgeois

M. Patissot, born in Paris, after having failed in his examinations at the College Henri IV., like many others, had entered the government service


Hardly a day goes by without our reading a news item like the following in some newspaper:

Simon’s Papa

Noon had just struck. The school door opened and the youngsters darted out, jostling each other in their haste to get out quickly.

Saint Anthony

They called him Saint Anthony, because his name was Anthony, and also, perhaps, because he was a good fellow, jovial, a lover of practical jokes,


The two young women appear to be buried under a blanket of flowers. They are alone in the immense landau, which is filled with flowers like a giant basket.

Rosalie Prudent

There was a real mystery in this affair which neither the jury, nor the president, nor the public prosecutor himself could understand.

Queen Hortense

In Argenteuil she was called Queen Hortense. No one knew why. Perhaps it was because she had a commanding tone of voice; perhaps because she was tall,