Edward Payson Roe

Edward Payson Roe – Edward Payson Roe was born in Moodna, Orange County, New York. He studied at Williams College and at Auburn Theological Seminary. His novels were very popular in their day, especially with middle class readers in England and America, and were translated into several European languages. Their strong moral and religious purpose, and their being written by a clergyman, did much to break down a Puritan prejudice in America against works of fiction.

Three Thanksgiving Kisses

It was the day before Thanksgiving. The brief cloudy November afternoon was fast merging into early twilight. The trees, now gaunt and bare,

Susie Rolliffe’s Christmas

Picnicking in December would be a dreary experience even if one could command all the appliances of comfort which outdoor life permitted.

Christmas Eve in War Times

It was the beginning of a battle. The skirmish line of the Union advance was sweeping rapidly over a rough mountainous region in the South, and in his place on the extreme left of this line was Private Anson Marlow.

A Brave Little Quakeress

Not very far from the Highlands of the Hudson, but at a considerable distance from the river, there stood, one hundred years ago, a farmhouse that evidently had been built as much for strength and defence as for comfort.

Caught on the Ebb-Tide

The August morning was bright and fair, but Herbert Scofield's brow was clouded. He had wandered off to a remote part of the grounds of a summer hotel on the Hudson,

Queen of Spades

"Mother," remarked Farmer Banning, discontentedly, "Susie is making a long visit." "She is coming home next week,"

Jeff’s Treasure

Jeff, the hero of my tale, was as truly a part of the Southern Confederacy as the greater Jeff at Richmond. Indeed, were it not for the humbler Jeff and the class he represented,

An Unexpected Result

"Jack, she played with me deliberately, heartlessly. I can never forgive her." "In that case, Will, I congratulate you. Such a girl isn't worth a second thought, and you've made a happy escape."