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The Story of SATURN God

Shani (SATURN) is also known as Shanaishchara, Pingala, Bhabru or Roudra. Shani is considered the most powerful planet in the universe and every living being on earth is influenced by the blue rays of Saturn ...

The Story of VENUS God

Shukra (VENUS) is known as God of Love. In sanskrit Shukra means Semen, hence, he is the lord of love and sensuality. According to western mythology, Shukra is known as a morning star or shooting star.

The Story of JUPITER God

Lord Brahma began creating the universe, as he created seven rishis (sages), he instructed them to aid him in his creation by engaging in procreation. The seven rishis are Vashishta, Marichi, Pulastya, Pulaha, Atri, Angiras and Kratu.

The Story of MERCURY God

Budha (Mercury) is the lord of the intellect, fine arts, humor and wit. Budha influences one's wit to gain prowess in mathematics and astrology. Budha's skin colour is known to be yellow, according to puranas, and he rides a white chariot driven by horses.

The Story of MARS God

In Sanskrit, 'KU' means earth and 'JA' means birth. Lord Kuja is also known as Angaaraka, Mangalan, Rudhir, Bhauma and Sevvai. Kuja is the commander-in-chief of gods. He is a warrior, who rides a ram and known for qualities such as masculine, courage, bravery and patience.

The Story of MOON God (Chandra Dev)

Chandra (Moon) goes around mother earth in 30 days and travels through the 12 zodical signs. Chandra is known as the Lord of Medicinal herbs. He gives his healing powers through moon-crystals(chandramukhi mani) when sunlight gets ...

The Story of Sun God (Surya Dev)

Surya goes around an apamandala(ecliptic path) making a big solar circle around Lord Vishnu's Naabhi(Navel). Surya holds the other planets in gravitational position in their orbits and they revolve around Surya.

Introduction to Planets

There are nine significant grahas(planets) in our solar system. Surya(SUN), chandra(MOON), kuja(MARS), budha(MERCURY), guru(JUPITER), shukra(VENUS), shani(SATURN), rahu(DRAGON's HEAD) and ketu(DRAGON's TAIL).