Ramayana – The Epic Story

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Death of Ravana

Mandodari requested Ravana at night to save the clan by going to Rama and seeking his benevolence. He is the incarnation of the God of the universe. He is all powerful, she said.

Death of Indrajeet

Lakshman went to Indrajit and challenged him. When Indrajit came out of the Devi’s cave, the monkeys bit and scratched him and threw impure substances in the sacrificial fire so that he could not perform the yagna.

Hanuman to the Rescue

On his way while flying towards the Himalayas, Hanuman saw a sage engrossed in meditation. He was very thirsty so he stopped when he saw a pond of clear water at the ashram of the sage.

Lakshman Seriously Injured

With permission from Rama, Lakshman attacked the brave Indrajit and they fought a mighty duel. When Indrajit realized he was not able to overpower Lakshman instead he was getting tormented by him,

Indrajit Ties Up Rama and Lakshmana

In the battle, Ravana's son Atikaya was killed after a fierce and long battle. When his mother Dhanyamalini heard of her son?s death she cried bitterly.

Death of Khumbkaran

Seeing the destruction of his army by the enormous Kumbhakarna, Rama turned to him with his bow and arrow. There was a fierce battle between the two.

Day One of the Battle

On the day one of the battle, many great warriors were floored on the battlefield. On the second day, Ravana arrived on the battlefield with his army.

Angad In Ravana’s Court

When the people of Lanka saw Angad approaching they were filled with fear. They told each other that the monkey who destroyed Lanka has come back again. What would he do now? They scattered to make way for him.