Ramayana – The Epic Story – Short

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Ramayana Part 1 – Early Life

Telling the story of Rama at this time of the year bears a special significance. The present day celebration of Durga worship (puja) and Dasshera are related to Rama's life.

Ramayana Part 2 – Exile

For the next twelve years Rama and Sita lived happily in Ayodhya. Rama was loved by all. He was a joy to his father, Dasharatha, whose heart nearly burst with pride when he beheld his son.

Ramayana Part 3 – Abduction of Sita

Surpanakha, the sister of Ravana, lived in Panchavati. Ravana was then the most powerful Asura king who lived in Lanka (today's Ceylon). One day Surpanakha happened to see Rama and instantly fell in love with him. She requested Rama to be her husband.

Ramayana Part 4 – Slaying of Ravana

When Ravana heard from his messengers that Rama had already arrived at Mahendra Hill, and was preparing to cross the ocean to Lanka, he summoned his ministers for advice.