Mythology short stories


According to the Vedas, Varun is said to be the supreme protector of the laws of creation. He warns against the sins and creates disease to punish. He is considered to be the most merciful God.

Lord Vishnu

Vishnu is considered as the lord of maintaining the universe. The word Vishnu means – Prevailing all over. He has many names, he is also known as “HARI” which means – the one who relieves pain and sins.

The Dutiful Son Shravan

Long long ago, there lived a boy called Shravan. He was the only son of a poor and blind couple. Shravan loved his parents and his sense of duty towards them was very high.

The Narasiṃha Avatara – Dashavatara Stories

Narasingh, and Narasingha and Narasinghar in Dravidian languages, is an avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, who is regarded as the supreme God in Vaishnavism and a popular deity in the broader Hinduism.

The Story of Markandeyan

Once there lived a sage named Mrikandu with his wife Marudavali , the couple were childless. They worshiped lord Shiva for a child,one day lord Shiva appeared before them and asked if they wanted an ordinary ...