Children short stories

Silly Little Mariam

There lived a little girl Mariam who was very silly and lazy. Often she used to wander hither and thither with no purpose. Once, as she went wandering she felt very thirsty. She went to a pond nearby and quenched her thirst.

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A Game of Chance

Every year on the occasion of Eid, there was a fair in our village. Eid was celebrated only one day but the fair lasted many days. Tradesmen from far and wide came there with all kinds of goods to sell. You could buy anything from a small pin to a big buffalo.

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Pride Has A Fall

Gorelal was a famous sculptor. His sculptures looked real ones. One day he saw a dream that after fifteen days, the demon of Death would come to take him.

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The Palace and the Hut

King Vikramaditya was known for his justice and kindness. Even Gods sought his help in setting issues. In his kingdom, no one was unhappy. His people loved him and were proud of him.

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Three Friends and the Hermit

There were three friends one of them was a carpenter The other was weaver and the other was a wizard one day they went through a forest. At the noon time they took rest unclear a tree the carpenter saw a piece of timber and make it a beautiful young lady’s statue.

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How Shekhar Makes The Princess Laugh

Shekar was a very silly young fellow. But he had a kind heart. One morning as he was walking down the road he saw a little old woman. She was sitting by the road with her foot in her hand.

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