Fairy Tales from Brazil

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Why the Sea Moans

Once upon a time there was a little princess who lived in a magnificent royal palace. All around the palace there was a beautiful garden full of lovely flowers and rare shrubs and trees.

How the Pigeon Became a Tame Bird

Once upon a time there was a father with three sons who had reached the age when they must go out into the world to earn their own living.

How Black Became White

One often hears the saying that one cannot make black white or white black. I said something about it once upon a time to my Brazilian ama and she stared at me in surprise.

Why the Monkey Still Has a Tail

Once upon a time the monkey and the rabbit made a contract. The monkey was to kill all the butterflies and the rabbit was to kill all the snakes.

How the Monkey Escaped Being Eaten

Once upon a time, ages and ages ago, people ate fruits and nuts. Then there came a time when the fruits and nuts became scarce. People had to eat meat.

Why the Bananas Belong to the Monkey

Perhaps you do not know it, but the monkeys think that all the bananas belong to them. When Brazilian children eat bananas they say, "I am a monkey."