Brazilian Folktales

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The Giant’s Pupil

Long years ago there lived a little boy whose name was Manoel. His father and mother were so very poor that they could not afford to send him to school.

The Quest of Cleverness

Once long ago there lived a king who had a stupid son. His father sent him to school for many years hoping that he might learn something there.

The Beast Slayer

Once upon a time there was a man and his wife who were very poor. The man earned his living making wooden bowls and platters to sell and worked early and late,

The Adventures of a Fisherman’s Son

Long ago there was a man and woman who lived in a little mud hut under the palm trees on the river bank. They had so many children they did not know what to do.

How the Giantess Guimara Became Small

Once upon a time a prince called D. Joaõ went hunting with a number of companions. In the deep forest he became separated from his comrades and soon found out that he was lost.

The Forest Lad and the Wicked Giant

Once upon a time there was a man who took his wife and tiny baby son into the deep forest to make their home. With his own hands he built the house out of mud,

The Little Sister of the Giants

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was very beautiful. Her eyes were like the eyes of the gazelle; her hair hid in its soft waves the deep shadows of the night;

The Most Beautiful Princess

Long ago there was a king who was very ill. He wanted a hare killed to make him some broth. His only son, the prince, set out to find one.