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All sat listening to Ciommetella's last story. Some praised the skill with which she had told it, while others murmured at her indiscretion, saying that,

The Three Citrons

Well was it in truth said by the wise man, "Do not say all you know, nor do all you are able"; for both one and the other bring unknown danger and unforeseen ruin;

Nennillo and Nennella

Woe to him who thinks to find a governess for his children by giving them a stepmother! He only brings into his house the cause of their ruin.

Sun, Moon, and Talia

It is a well-known fact that the cruel man is generally his own hangman; and he who throws stones at Heaven frequently comes off with a broken head.

The Golden Root

A person who is over-curious, and wants to know more than he ought, always carries the match in his hand to set fire to the powder-room of his own fortunes;


It has always been more difficult for a man to keep than to get; for in the one case fortune aids, which often assists injustice,

The Months

It is a saying worthy to be written in letters as big as those on a monument, that silence never harmed any one: and let it not be imagined that

The Raven

It is truly a great proverb—"Rather a crooked sight than a crooked judgment"; but it is so difficult to adopt it that the judgment of few men hits the nail on the head.

The Seven Doves

He who gives pleasure meets with it: kindness is the bond of friendship and the hook of love: he who sows not reaps not;