Welsh Fairy-Tales And Other Stories

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The Baby-farmer

Old Kaddy was a baby-farmer, and one day she went to the woods to gather sticks for her fire, and whilst she was gathering the sticks she found a piece of gold,

The Pastor’s Nurse

My father was still very young when he came to the ministry and that he was named pastor in Hambach, village of Lorraine. The place was big enough,

The Fisherman of Shetland

There was a snug little cove in one of the Shetland Islands. At the head of the cove stood a fishing hamlet, containing some twenty huts. In these huts lived the fisher-folk,

Eva’s Luck

As black-eyed, black-haired Eva Sauvet was walking one day in Jersey she saw a lozenge-marked snake, whereupon she ran away frightened.

John O’Groats

He was an old seaman, with weather-beaten face and black eyes, that had looked upon many lands and many sights.

Billy Duffy and the Devil

Billy Duffy was an Irishman, a blacksmith, and a drunkard. He had the Keltic aversion from steady work, and stuck to his forge only long enough to get money for drink;

The Story of the Pig-trough

In the beginning of the century, Hughes went as military substitute for a farmer's son. He got £80, a watch, and a suit of clothes. His mother was loath to let him go,

Gwrgan Farfdrwch Fable

Hear me, O ye Britons! On the top of a high rock in Arvon there stood a goat, which a lion perceiving from the valley below, addressed her in this manner:—

The Giantess’s Apron-full

A huge giant, in company with his wife, travelling towards the island of Mona, with an intention of settling amongst the first inhabitants that had removed there,