Myths and Folk Tales of Ireland

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Oisin in Tir na n-Og

There was a king in Tir na n-Og (the land of Youth) who held the throne and crown for many a year against all comers; and the law of the kingdom was that every seventh year


There was a king in a land not far from Greece who had two daughters, and the younger was fairer than the elder daughter.

Black, Brown, and Gray

In a day Fin MacCumhail was near Tara of the Kings, south of Ballyshannon, hunting with seven companies of the Fenians of Erin.

Gilla na Grakin and Fin MacCumhail

There was a blacksmith in Dun Kinealy beyond Killybegs, and he had two young men serving him whose names were Césa MacRi na Tulach and Lun Dubh MacSmola.