Folk-Lore and Legends: Scotland

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The Death “Bree”

There was once a woman, who lived in the Camp-del-more of Strathavon, whose cattle were seized with a murrain, or some such fell disease,

Daoine Shie, or the Men of Peace

They are, though not absolutely malevolent, believed to be a peevish, repining, and envious race, who enjoy, in the subterranean recesses, a kind of shadowy splendour.

The Bogle

This is a freakish spirit who delights rather to perplex and frighten mankind than either to serve or seriously hurt them.

Lord Tarbat’s Relations

Sir,—I heard very much, but believed very little of the second sight; yet its being assumed by several of great veracity, I was induced to make inquiry after it in the year 1652,

The Dracae

These are a sort of water-spirits who inveigle women and children into the recesses which they inhabit, beneath lakes and rivers, by floating past them,

The Fairy Boy of Leith

About fifteen years since, having business that detained me for some time at Leith, which is near Edinburgh, in the kingdom of Scotland,

Secret Commonwealth

The Siths, or Fairies, they call Sluagh Maith, or the Goodpeople, it would seem, to prevent the dint of their ill attempts (for the Irish used to bless all they fear harm of),

Horse and Hattock

The power of the fairies was not confined to unchristened children alone; it was supposed frequently to be extended to full-grown people,

Mauns’ Stane

In the latter end of the autumn of 18--, I set out by myself on an excursion over the northern part of Scotland, and during that time my chief amusement