Fairies and Folk of Ireland

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The Old King Comes Back

When Mrs. O'Brien and Kathleen left home they walked through the Park and to the Sullivans'. Peter was away. Terence half sat and half lay on the floor in a corner.

The Iron Crucifix

Kathleen had not been at home long, of course, before Peter and Ellen came to see her, and Terence came with them. It seemed to Kathleen that she had never seen him look as he did then.

A Year and a Day

When Kathleen did not come home at the time she was expected, her father and her grandmother were not much surprised at first. She was in the habit of going where she pleased

The Stars in the Water

This is to be another sort of chapter altogether. I am going to tell you now what happened. The eighteen years are gone now and we have come to the time when there is something to tell.

A Chapter That You Can Skip

This is a chapter that you can skip, if you want to. And really I should advise you to. Nothing of importance happened in the next eighteen years.

Little Kathleen and Little Terence

The next morning John O'Brien was sitting alone, when there was a knock at the door. Then Peter Sullivan opened it, said "God save all here!" and came in.

The Time for Naggeneen’s Plan

Little happened that needs to be told in the next few months, either to the fairies or to the human people. John O'Brien and Peter Sullivan were not long in

The Cleverness of Mortals

If you live in the city of New York, or if you have ever been in the city of New York for any long time, you know how disheartening, how terrible,

The Little Good People

There was a good deal of commotion that night in the rath near where the O'Briens and the Sullivans lived. Do you know what a rath is? I suppose not.