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The games we are daily playing at in our nurseries, or some of them, have been also played at for centuries by Japanese boys and girls.

Second Sight

A traveller arrived at a village, and looking about for an inn, he found one that, although rather shabby, would, he thought, suit him.

The Two Daughters

At Akita, in the province of Inaba, lived an independent gentleman,[1] who had two daughters, by whom he was ministered to with all filial piety.

The Parsley Queen

How curious that the daughter of a peasant dwelling in a obscure country village near Aska, in the province of Yamato, should become a Queen! Yet such was the case.

The Filial Girl

A girl once lived in the province of Echigo, who from her earliest years tended her parents with all filial piety. Her mother, when,


There was once upon a time a little baby whose father was Japanese ambassador to the court of China, and whose mother was a Chinese lady. While this child was still in its infancy the ambassador had to return to Japan.

The Chrysanthemum Show

Yoshi-san and his Grandmother go to visit the great temple at Shiba. They walk up its steep stairs, and arrive at the lacquered threshold. Here they place aside their wooden clogs,

First Month

Little Good Boy had just finished eating the last of five rice cakes called "dango," that had been strung on a skewer of bamboo and dipped in soy sauce, when he said to his little sister, called Chrysanthemum:—