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Ramalinaga and Ramayana Recital

Vikrama Simhapuri (presently Nellore town) was part of Vijaya Nagar Empire under the rule of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu. This place was famous for wicked and cunning women.

The Weird Wells’ Wedding Invitation

During the period when Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu was ruling the Vijaya Nagar Empire with Hampi as his capital, Mohammedan Sultans were ruling Delhi.

Ramalinga Humiliates Rama Raja Bhushana

It was one of those finest days at Bhuvana Vijayam. King Rayalu along with his Ashta Diggajas was enjoying the literary discussion session that day. Rama Raja Bhushana was known to be a romantic poet, authoring prose and poetry reciting women and their beauty.

Ramalinga Dares to Criticize Rayalu’s Composition

Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu and his court Bhuvana Vijayam comprising Ashta Diggajas was taken as a model by many kings and kingdoms in and out of the Indian sub-continent. Rayalu was known for his fondness towards literature

The Secret of Weaving Invisible Fabric

A gorgeous woman entered the royal court of Sri Krishna Deva Rayalu when he was busy with the courtiers. With all her pleasing manners, attire and conversation, she attracted the gathering that day. After a little dialogue with the King and his prime staff,

The Golden Swan – Tenali Raman Stories

One morning when King Krishna Deva Raya’s court was assembled, two men entered carrying a golden statue of a swan. All the courtiers were awestruck by the beauty of the statue.