Tales of Akbar Birbal

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Birbal’s Journey to Paradise

The Court barber nursed his hatred for Birbal and plotted against him daily. One day he struck upon a plan and so, when Emperor Akbar next called him to trim his beard,

All for the Best

Birbal constantly asserted that everything happens for one’s own good. Emperor Akbar, who was young, was distrustful of Birbal’s wisdom and questioned the minister’s constant, optimistic assertion.

List of Fools

One day an Arab merchant arrived at the Court of Akbar with a large consignment of horses of all ages and breeds and offered them for sale.

Theft of Jewels

A merchant in Akbar’s kingdom felt hot and decided to have a bath. He bundled up all the jewels he was wearing, left them in a corner of his room along with his clothes and went for a bath.

The Holy Book

Akbar once called Birbal and said to him, “Birbal, it is said in one of your Hindu Holy Books that Lord Vishnu one day heard the agonized cry of one of His elephants and rushed to his aid.

Truth and Falsehood

One day Akbar asked his courtiers if they could tell him the difference between truth and falsehood in three words or less. The courtiers looked at one another in bewilderment.

The Eggs-ample

Since Birbal always outwitted him, Akbar thought of a plan to make Birbal look like a fool. He gave an egg to each of his ministers before Birbal reached the Court one morning.

Lost and Found

One day, when Akbar and Birbal were engaged in discussions, Birbal happened to pass a harmless comment about Akbar’s sense of humor. But Emperor Akbar was in a foul mood and took great offence at this remark.