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The Monkey And The Wedge

Once upon a time, a merchant started building a temple in the middle of his garden. He had hired many masons and carpenters to get the work done. In the afternoon, the workers used to take some

The Useful Thief

Long time ago, an old merchant lived in a town. He was a widower and found it very difficult to pass his time alone without a companion. So, he decided to marry again.

Tittibha Birds And The Ocean

Many years ago, on the shores of an ocean, lived a pair of Tittibha birds. Once, a female Tittibha bird was about to have her babies. She requested her husband to find a quiet and safe place for her to lay eggs.

The Vulture and the Cat

Once upon a time there was an old and blind vulture named Taradgava. He lived in a hollow of a tree near the bank of the river. The other vultures would hunt around for food and would usually

The Lion, the Mouse and the Cat

Once a lion had made his home in one of the caves near the hills. One day as the lion was resting, a mouse dared to run all over his body and then bit off the ends of the lion's mane.

The Foolish Ass

In a distant town lived a washerman. He had an ass which had worked for him for many years. Now that it had become old and feeble the washerman had no further use of the ass.

The Wily Crow

In a certain forest lived a lion who had three servants - a crow, a tiger and a jackal. The lion would hunt, eat his fill and leave the rest for his servants to feed on.

The Gunning Merchant

Once in a certain city there lived a merchant called Sabuk. His father had left him comfortably well off but his extravagant ways soon reduced him to poverty.