Panchatantra Stories

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The Crows And The Serpent

Once a crow couple built their nest on a tree. But as luck would have it, there lived a serpent in a hole at the bottom of the same tree. When the crows were away,

The Cat, Partridge And The Hare

Long time ago there lived a partridge under a tree. The partridge one day decided to go to the fields and indulge itself in the food there.

The Gold Giving Serpent

Long time ago there lived a poor bhrahman. He used to work hard on the fields but all his efforts did not bear fruit. He one day found an anthill on his field and found a serpent there.

The Heron And The Crab

Long time ago there lived a heron by the side of a pond. It was a lazy creature and once devised a plan to get supply of fish without doing much work.

The Day Dreaming Priest

Long time ago there lived a priest who was lazy and poor at the same time. He did not want to do any hard work but used to dream of being rich one day.

The Sage’s Daughter

Once upon a time there lived a sage on the banks of a river. He and his wife did not have any children. One day when the sage was praying in the middle of the river,

The Moon Lake

Once A large herd of elephants lived in a jungle. Their king was a huge, majestic tusker. He looked after them with love and care.

The Bhrahmin And The Three Thugs

Long, long ago, there lived a Bhrahmin in a small village. His name was Mitra Sharma. Once his father told him to sacrifice a goat according to some ancient Hindu rites.

The Giant And The Helpless Bhrahmin

Once a Bhrahmin was passing through a jungle to reach another town, when a huge and cruel giant hiding somewhere behind the thick bushes, attacked the Bhrahmin and jumped upon his shoulders.