Indian Fairy Tales

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How the Raja’s Son Won the Pincess Labam

In a country there was a Raja who had an only son who every day went out to hunt. One day the Rani, his mother, said to him, "You can hunt wherever you like on these three sides;

The Lambikin

Once upon a time there was a wee wee Lambikin, who frolicked about on his little tottery legs, and enjoyed himself amazingly.


nce upon a time there was a Raja who had seven beautiful daughters. They were all good girls; but the…

The Broken Pot

There lived in a certain place a Brahman, whose name was Svabhavak_ri_pa_n_a, which means "a born miser." He had collected a quantity of rice by begging,

The Magic Fiddle

Once upon a time there lived seven brothers and a sister. The brothers were married, but their wives did not do the cooking for the family. It was done by their sister,

The Cruel Crane Outwitted

Long ago the Bodisat was born to a forest life as the Genius of a tree standing near a certain lotus pond. Now at that time the water used to run short at the dry season in a certain pond,

Loving Laili

Once there was a king called King Dantal, who had a great many rupees and soldiers and horses. He had also an only son called Prince Majnun, who was a handsome boy with white teeth,

The Tiger, the Brahman and the Jackal

Once upon a time, a tiger was caught in a trap. He tried in vain to get out through the bars, and rolled and bit with rage and grief when he failed.