Folklore of Southern India

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The Brahmarâkshas and the Hair

In a certain village there lived a very rich landlord, who owned several villages, but was such a great miser that no tenant would willingly cultivate his lands,

The Beggar and the Five Muffins

In a certain village there lived a poor beggar and his wife. The man used to go out every morning with a clean vessel in his hand,

Retaliation – Palikkuppali

There is a proverb in Tamil̤ called Palikkuppali vâṅgukiradu which would best be translated by the expression “tit for tat,”

Shall I Fall Down?

In a certain town there lived a wealthy Brâhmiṇ. He wished to build a house—pretty large and spacious—as became his riches.

Keep it for the Beggar

When anything sweet is prepared in the house on a particular night, and when the children, after feeding to their fill, say to the mother:—

The Gardener’s Cunning Wife

In a certain village there lived with his wife a poor gardener who cultivated greens in a small patch in the backyard of his house.

The Conquest of Fate

In the Dakshinadêśa there lived a Brâhmiṇ boy who from his childhood was given a very liberal education in Sanskṛit.