Folk-Tales of Bengal

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The Field of Bones

Once on a time there lived a king who had a son. The young prince had three friends, the son of the prime minister, the son of the prefect of the police,

The Boy with the Moon on his Forehead

There was a certain king who had six queens, none of whom bore children. Physicians, holy sages, mendicants, were consulted, countless drugs were had recourse to,

The Match-making Jackal

Once on a time there lived a weaver, whose ancestors were very rich, but whose father had wasted the property which he had inherited in riotous living.

The Origin of Rubies

There was a certain king who died leaving four sons behind him with his queen. The queen was passionately fond of the youngest of the princes. She gave him the best robes,

The Story of a Hiraman

There was a fowler who had a wife. The fowler’s wife said to her husband one day, “My dear, I’ll tell you the reason why we are always in want.

The Story of a Brahmadaitya

Once on a time there lived a poor Brahman who had a wife. As he had no means of livelihood, he used every day to beg from door to door, and thus got some rice which they boiled and ate,

A Ghostly Wife

Once on a time there lived a Brahman who had married a wife, and who lived in the same house with his mother. Near his house was a tank, on the embankment of which stood a tree,