Filipino Folktales

The section contains Filipino folktales. The short stories are taken from different series of Philippine folkTales available freely online.

The Battle of the Crabs

One day the land crabs had a meeting and one of them said: “What shall we do with the waves? They sing so loudly all the time that we cannot possibly sleep.”

The Spider and the Fly

Mr. Spider wanted to marry Miss Fly. Many times he told her of his love and begged her to become his wife, but she always refused for she did not like him.

The Hawk and the Hen

A hawk flying about in the sky one day decided that he would like to marry a hen whom he often saw on earth. He flew down and searched until he found her,

Why Dogs Wag their Tails

A rich man in a certain town once owned a dog and a cat, both of which were very useful to him. The dog had served his master for many years and had become


One day a man said to his wife: “My wife, we are getting very poor and I must go into business to earn some money.” “That is a good idea,” replied his wife. “How much capital have you?”

The Virtue of the Cocoanut

One day a man took his blow-gun and his dog and went to the forest to hunt. As he was making his way through the thick woods he chanced upon a young cocoanut tree growing in the ground.

The First Monkey

Many years ago at the foot of a forest-covered hill was a small town, and just above the town on the hillside was a little house in which lived an old woman and her grandson.

Juan Gathers Guavas

One day Juan’s father sent him to get some ripe guavas, for a number of the neighbors had come in and he wanted to give them something to eat.

The Adventures of Juan

Juan was always getting into trouble. He was a lazy boy, and more than that, he did not have good sense. When he tried to do things,