A Chinese Wonder Book

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Why the Dog Hates the Cat?

What we shall eat to-morrow, I haven't the slightest idea!" said Widow Wang to her eldest son, as he started out one morning in search of work.

The Great Bell

The mighty Yung-lo sat on the great throne surrounded by a hundred attendants. He was sad, for he could think of no wonderful thing to do for his country.

The Strange Tale of Doctor Dog

Far up in the mountains of the Province of Hunan in the central part of China, there once lived in a small village a rich gentleman who had only one child.

How Footbinding Started

In the very beginning of all things, when the gods were creating the world, at last the time came to separate the earth from the heavens.

The Talking Fish

Long, long before your great-grandfather was born there lived in the village of Everlasting Happiness two men called Li and Sing.

Bamboo and the Turtle

A party of visitors had been seeing the sights at Hsi Ling. They had just passed down the Holy Way between the huge stone animals when Bamboo,

The Mad Goose and the Tiger Forest

Hu-lin was a little slave girl. She had been sold by her father when she was scarcely more than a baby, and had lived for five years with a number of other

The Nodding Tiger

Just outside the walls of a Chinese city there lived a young woodcutter named T'ang and his old mother, a woman of seventy.

The Princess Kwan-Yin

Once upon a time in China there lived a certain king who had three daughters. The fairest and best of these was Kwan-yin, the youngest.