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Phiroza and Viramdeo Songira

The story of Viramdeo Songira is a historical romance of Hindu-Muslim unity. How a Muslim princess could marry a Hindu prince, Viramdeo-son of Rajput King Kanhardeo of Jalore and finally, after the death of Viramdeo, how she took his head in her lap and became sati-is epitomized in it.

Story of Panna Dhai

In spite of a lineage rich in the respectability and the valor of Sisodias, Vikramaditya, who ascended the throne of Mewar was a very insolent and arrogant king.

When Goddess Lakshmi Begged

Long Long ago there was a king in Jaisalmer whose name was Rawal Prithvi Singh. His kingdom was very prosperous. He built up his capital with latticed windows and large havelies (palaces).

A Tree of Puries

A farmer and his wife were working in a field. They found a brass pot full of gold coins there. They looked around to ascertain that they were not noticed by anyone.

Nihalde and Sultan

It was the twilight hour. The sky was changing hues. Cowherds were returning home with their cattle. Near the village, village women in their colourful dresses were busy getting water from the well.

Justice By Parables

Once upon a time in one of the princely states of Marwar there ruled a king called Karni Singh. He was famous for his queer judgments. His method of dispensing justice was based on sayings.

The Wishing Tree

One day, a traveller was passing through a desert. After walking for a few miles, he felt tried, hungry and thirsty. "How I wish I could rest for a while under a tree!" he thought.