Nasreddin was a Seljuq satirical Sufi, believed to have lived and died during the 13th century in Akşehir, near Konya, a capital of the Seljuk Sultanate of Rum, in today’s Turkey. He is considered a populist philosopher and wise man, remembered for his funny stories and anecdotes. He appears in thousands of stories, sometimes witty, sometimes wise, but often, too, a fool or the butt of a joke.


One day the Hodja made a lot of shopping at the Aksehir market place and found a porter to carry all of his purchases.

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Degree of Grievance

When Nasreddin Hodja's wife died, he didn't mourn for long, in fact he seemed to be indifferent. However, a few months later, when his donkey died, he was very upset.

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Quail Feast

One day the Hodja invited his friends over for dinner. He told them that he was going to prepare a meal with roasted quails. Nasreddin Hodja's friends,

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Naughty Boy

One day the Hodja bought a donkey at the market place. He held his new donkey by its halter and started to walk towards home, pulling the donkey behind.

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Two Persians were passing through Aksehir. Nasreddin Hodja and other villagers were chatting with them in the village coffee house.

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One night, Nasreddin Hodja and his wife were awakened by a commotion coming from the street. Obviously some people were fighting. Hodja and his wife waited for the noises to go away but when the fight kept going on,

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Gift for Timur

One day Nasreddin Hodja was called before Timur. Since Timur was famous for his barbarity, the Hodja, even though he was called to his presence often,

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In Arabic

Nasreddin Hodja had just arrived from his trip to Arabia. All neighbours and friends gathered in the Hodja's house to welcome him and to listen to the adventures of his voyage.

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