Book 6

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Discord – Jean de La Fontaine Fables

The goddess Discord, having made, on high, Among the gods a general grapple, And thence a lawsuit, for an apple, Was turned out, bag and baggage, from the sky.

The Charlatan

The world has never lacked its charlatans, More than themselves have lacked their plans. One sees them on the stage at tricks Which mock the claims of sullen Styx.

The Horse and the Ass

In such a world, all men, of every grade, Should each the other kindly aid; For, if beneath misfortune's goad A neighbour falls, on you will fall his load.

The Fowler, the Hawk, and the Lark

From wrongs of wicked men we draw Excuses for our own: Such is the universal law. Would you have mercy shown, Let yours be clearly known.

The Sick Lion and the Fox

Sick in his den, we understand, The king of beasts sent out command That of his vassals every sort Should send some deputies to court— With promise well to treat Each deputy and suite;

The Sun and the Frogs

Rejoicing on their tyrant's wedding-day, The people drowned their care in drink; While from the general joy did Aesop shrink, And showed its folly in this way. "The sun," said he, once took it in his head To have a partner for his bed.

The Hare and the Tortoise

To win a race, the swiftness of a dart Avails not without a timely start. The hare and tortoise are my witnesses. Said tortoise to the swiftest thing that is, "I'll bet that you'll not reach, so soon as I The tree on yonder hill we spy."