Book 2

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The Cat Metamorphosed Into A Woman

A bachelor caressed his cat, A darling, fair, and delicate; So deep in love, he thought her mew The sweetest voice he ever knew. By prayers, and tears, and magic art, The man got Fate to take his part;

The Peacock Complaining To Juno

The peacock to the queen of heaven Complained in some such words: "Great goddess, you have given To me, the laughing-stock of birds, A voice which fills, by taste quite just, All nature with disgust;

The Raven Wishing To Imitate The Eagle

The bird of Jove bore off a mutton, A raven being witness. That weaker bird, but equal glutton, Not doubting of his fitness To do the same with ease, And bent his taste to please,

The Hare and the Frogs

Once in his bed deep mused the hare, (What else but muse could he do there?) And soon by gloom was much afflicted;— To gloom the creature's much addicted. "Alas! these constitutions nervous," He cried, "how wretchedly they serve us!

The Astrologer Who Stumbled Into A Well

To an astrologer who fell Plump to the bottom of a well, "Poor blockhead!" cried a passer-by, "Not see your feet, and read the sky?" This upshot of a story will suffice To give a useful hint to most;

The Lion and the Rat

To show to all your kindness, it behoves: There's none so small but you his aid may need. I quote two fables for this weighty creed, Which either of them fully proves. From underneath the sward A rat, quite off his guard,

The Eagle and the Beetle

John Rabbit, by Dame Eagle chased, Was making for his hole in haste, When, on his way, he met a beetle's burrow. I leave you all to think If such a little chink