Book 12

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The Sun and the Frogs

Long from the monarch of the stars The daughters of the mud received Support and aid; nor dearth nor wars, Meanwhile, their teeming nation grieved.

The Bat, the Bush, and the Duck

A bush, duck, and bat, having found that in trade, Confined to their country, small profits were made, Into partnership entered to traffic abroad, Their purse, held in common, well guarded from fraud.

The King, the Kite, and the Falconer

The gods, for that themselves are good, The like in mortal monarchs would. The prime of royal rights is grace; To this even sweet revenge gives place.

Love And Folly

Love bears a world of mystery— His arrows, quiver, torch, and infancy: It's not a trifling work to sound A sea of science so profound:

The Scythian Philosopher

A Scythian philosopher austere, Resolved his rigid life somewhat to cheer, Performed the tour of Greece, saw many things, But, best, a sage,—one such as Virgil sings,— A simple, rustic man, that equaled kings;

The Elephant and the Ape Of Jupiter

"Between elephant and beast of horned nose About precedence a dispute arose, Which they determined to decide by blows. The day was fixed, when came a messenger To say the ape of Jupiter

The Fool and the Sage

A fool pursued, with club and stone, A sage, who said, "My friend, well done! Receive this guinea for your pains; They well deserve far higher gains.