Book 10

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The Burier And His Comrade

A close-fist had his money hoarded Beyond the room his till afforded. His avarice aye growing ranker, (Whereby his mind of course grew blanker,) He was perplexed to choose a banker;

The Fishes and the Cormorant

No pond nor pool within his haunt But paid a certain cormorant Its contribution from its fishes, And stocked his kitchen with good dishes.

The Wolf and the Shepherds

A Wolf, replete With humanity sweet, (A trait not much suspected,) On his cruel deeds, The fruit of his needs, Profoundly thus reflected.

The Partridge and the Cocks

With a set of uncivil and turbulent cocks, That deserved for their noise to be put in the stocks, A partridge was placed to be reared. Her sex, by politeness revered,

The Shepherd and the King

Two demons at their pleasure share our being— The cause of Reason from her homestead fleeing; No heart but on their altars kindles flames. If you demand their purposes and names,

The Fishes and the Shepherd Who Played The Flute

Thrysis—who for his Annette dear Made music with his flute and voice, Which might have roused the dead to hear, And in their silent graves rejoice— Sang once the livelong day, In the flowery month of May, Up and down a meadow brook, While Annette fished with line and hook.

The Two Adventurers and the Talisman

No flowery path to glory leads. This truth no better voucher needs Than Hercules, of mighty deeds. Few demigods, the tomes of fable Reveal to us as being able Such weight of task-work to endure: