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Uddalaka and Shvetaketu

Father and Son: Uddalaka and Shvetaketu

A story from the Chhandogya Upanishad – Stories from Upanishads

The relationship between father and son is something sacred, deep rooted, and leaves a powerful influence on the son even after the father is long gone. The conversation between Uddalaka, and Shvetketu, as narrated in the Chhandogya Upanishad, is an example of such an ideal father and son relationship which will be remembered for generations to come.


The Supreme Knowledge of Brahman

Many years ago, in India, there lived a king named Janashruti (widely known). He ruled over the kingdom of Mahabrisha (meaning the big bull). He was a benevolent and generous ruler. He built rest houses for travelers along the roadside, distributed free food to the poor and needy, built hospitals for the sick and old and he taxed his subjects fairly. Quite naturally Janashruti was pleased with himself for having done so much for his kingdom.


The Bold Begger

Once there were two sages (rishis) who lived in a hermitage located in a forest. They spent most of their time worshipping Vayu, the wind god.

One afternoon, as the sages were beginning their meal, a Brahmachari (an unmarried monk) beggar arrived holding his begging bowl.

The Generous Tree

Once there was a tree and a little boy. The tree loved the boy very much. Everyday the boy played under the tree. He picked up flowers and made them into a garland. He climbed the tree trunk and swung from its branches. He played hide and seek with the squirrels and talked to the birds. By afternoon he got very tired. Then he slept under the shade of the tree. Whenever he felt hungry he ate the fruits of the tree. The boy loved the tree too.