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A Hymn to the Divinity of Shri Ramakrishna

We salute Thee! Lord! Adored of the world, Samsara's bondage breaker, taintless Thou, Embodiment of blessed qualities, Thou transcendest all Gunas; human form Thus bearest. Thee we salute and adore!

To The Awakened India

Once more awake! For sleep it was, not death, to bring thee life Anew, and rest to lotus-eyes for visions Daring yet. The world in need awaits, O Truth! No death for thee!

Hold on Yet A While, Brave Heart

If the sun by the cloud is hidden a bit, If the welkin shows but gloom, Still hold on yet a while, brave heart, The victory is sure to come.

And Let Shyama Dance There

Beaut'ous blossoms ravishing with perfume, Swarms of maddened bees buzzing all around; The silver moon--a shower of sweet smile, Which all the dwellers of heaven above Shed lavishly upon the homes of earth;

The Hymn of Samadhi

Lo! The sun is not, nor the comely moon, All light extinct; in the great void of space Floats shadow-like the image-universe.

Six Stanzas on Nirvana

I am neither the mind, nor the intellect, nor the ego, nor the mind-stuff; I am neither the body, nor the changes of the body; I am neither the senses of hearing, taste, smell, or sight, Nor am I the ether, the earth, the fire, the air;

Shiva In Ecstasy

Shiva is dancing, lost in the ecstasy of Self, sounding his own cheeks.

To Sister Mary Hale

Now Sister Mary, You need not be sorry For the hard raps I gave you, You know full well, Though you like me tell, With my whole heart I love you.