A K Ramanujan

Poetry by A K Ramanujan

Still Life

When she left me after lunch,I read for a while. But I suddenly wanted

A River

In Madurai, city of temples and poets, who sang of cities and temples, every summer a river dries to a trickle


I resemble everyone but myself, and sometimes see in shop-windows despite the well-knownlaws of optics,

Astronomer – A K Ramanujan

Sky-man in a manhole with astronomy for dream, astrology for nightmare; fat man full of proverbs, the language of lean years, living in square after

Extended Family

Yet like grandfather I bathe before the village crow the dry chlorine water my only Ganges

Elements of Composition

Composed as I am, like others, of elements on certain well-known lists, father's seed and mother's egg gathering earth, air, fire,

Prayers To Lord Murugan

Lord of new arrivals lovers and rivals: arrive at once with cockfight and banner— dance till on this and the next three hills